dotDigital Group PLC


Email and cross-channel marketing automation platform

Dotmailer - Email, Mobile, Social Automation Platform

Platform and tools

dotmailer provides email and cross-channel marketing automation solutions.

The powerful automation technology and easy-to-use interface delivers marketers a single solution to engage customers via email, mobile, social media and landing pages to improve customer lead generation, conversion and retention.


Pre-built and custom-built integrations allow the dotmailer platform and tools to share data seamlessly with clients’ CRM, eCommerce and third party applications – improving the understanding of their customers’ behaviour to develop even more relevant and rich relationships.

Managed services

For clients that don’t have the time to do every aspect of their email and cross-channel marketing, dotmailer provides a comprehensive range of expert, strategic, design and campaign management services.


dotmailer provides recurring revenues from:

  • Online Credit Card Sales (Self service)
  • SME Sales (Group account management)
  • Corporate Sales (Dedicated account management)
  • Partner Sales (Dedicated business consultant)