Share Capital

Dotdigital Group plc has 307,508,354 Ordinary Shares of 0.5p each. The company has 660,000 shares held in treasury.

Each ordinary share will have one voting right and therefore the total number of voting rights in Dotdigital Group plc is 306,848,354.

Significant Shareholder holdings

ShareholderVoting rights% holdings

Liontrust Asset Management

54,702,898 18.3

Ian ‘Tink’ Taylor, Co-Founder & President

Octopus Investments28,041,4029.4

Slater Investments Ltd


Baille Gifford & Co

15,202,885 5.1

Investec Wealth & Investment

14,177,865 4.7

Highclere International Investors

8,970,269 3.0

The total percentage of AIM Securities that are not in public hands and held by Directors equates to 18.5%

Restrictions on the transfer of shares

There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares except for any restrictions imposed by virtue of compliance with the AIM rules.

Updated: 26 March 2024